Translate Company Agreement

We offer certified translation of contracts and legal agreements that are accepted by courts and authorities around the world. We regularly translate real estate contracts, leases, clinical study contracts, personnel contracts and partnership contracts. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is ISO 17100:2015 certified. The translation of the contract is a highly specialized skill that requires an experienced linguist to ensure full accuracy. Our team of hand translators is able to translate contracts as quickly and efficiently as possible, because we know there is no margin for error. 4. Additional costs: additional fees are payable when the following additional services are required: a) additional services are required because the customer changes the position to be translated after the purchase order is submitted; or (b) The translator is asked to make changes to the translation after the translation is delivered, as the client sets style or vocabulary parameters, and these changes are not necessary for accuracy. Additional fees must be agreed between the translator and the client; or (c) The client requests transmission in a file format other than MS Word and/or an unassed format (z.B. translation in the same format as the one in the original document). We have extensive experience in translating contracts and agreements into more than 200 language combinations. Current projects include commercial and commercial agreements, quality assurance agreements, tenders, real estate contracts, end-user licensing agreements, leases, confidentiality agreements, memorandums and much more. Contracts that are not intended for internal use in companies must normally carry an official stamp to be used in foreign markets.

Our experience has shown that translations of certified documents can sometimes be confusing. At Absolute Translations, we have a dedicated team that advises you daily on Foreign and Commonwealth Office certification, certified translation, notarization and apostilles. There are no two agreements, and to ensure that the specific terms of your contractual translations are fully understood, we work with specialized officials who have a thorough understanding of legal issues with specific contract experience. This additional skill level, beyond language skills, means that they fully understand the exact and often complex terminology of your agreement, make it consistent and correspond to the legal frameworks of the target language of which they are native speakers. We provide translations for all documents that are the “blood of life” of your company: contracts, agreements, powers, regulations, statutes, patents, contractual specifications, annual accounts and balance sheets, tax advice reports, business plans, meeting minutes, due diligence, transparency of presentation. We tailor individual translators to specific requirements, so it doesn`t matter if you have an employment contract, a sales contract or a lease, a confidentiality agreement or a lease. Our competent native language translators are at your disposal to process your application with the quality you need for such important and legally binding documents. 7. Property and copyright: After the completion of the client`s full payment, the translation rights of the agreed thing are the property of the client. The translator reserves the copyright on the translation until the full payment of his services.

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