Shared Driveway Agreement Pdf

.. (FILL IN BLANKS – MUST BE SUBMITTED IF SPECIAL PERMIT FOR A SHARED ROUTE) THE DECLARATION OF THE ENTRETIEN COVENANT_______________________________________ OF THE STATION OF METRO SHARED DRIVEWAY, from (Grantor) for the consideration outlined below, the recognition and payment of what has been granted, grants with claims to the TOWN OF BOXFORD, a municipal community that, through and through its Board of Directors of Appeal Agreements (“Town”), by or under it, an office and head office in 7ASpofford Road, Boxford, Essex County Massachusetts, application, awarded a crude contract for the land described below:The land in [two/three] lots (collectively called “lots” and individually called “lots”) on a plan titled “______dated_________ 0- created by ` from the Essex SouthDistrict Registry of Deeds in Book ` page` as a document. “Plan”). [ Note that zoning-by-law, art. V, p. 196-13 (B) (11)) (1) allows access to be divided into up to three lots, this agreement should be amended accordingly, if any] 1.) Grantor commits and accepts for itself its heirs/successors and orders that during the promotion or other transfer of a lot, it may be used, individually and collectively, the perpetual right and relief that can be used with the owners of one or more lots (“Lot Owners”) with the other and their successors, called “Shared Driveway”. This relief provides that the Shared Driveway may be used by landowners for all uses for which access to the City of Boxford can be used now or later, including, but not only, on foot and car access, including installation, maintenance, replacement, removal and use of underground power lines, including sewers, sewers, water lines, gas lines, power lines, telephone lines and cable lines. This facility should provide at least: a. Lot owners and their rights holders for each lot have the right to use and take advantage of the shared route for the purposes specified in the facility, in the area commonly known to other landowners; B. If, as part of the exercise of this facility directly in the Shared Driveway, each landowner must carry out all excavations within the shared road, the socavating owner lot will restore the shared road to its condition as soon as possible before the excavation; c.

Any ticket holder is spared and spared from other losses, damages or liabilities resulting from the exercise of the rights granted to them; d. Each Lose owner is responsible for 50% [or 33 1/3%, if three lots] of the maintenance costs of the shared highway, including and without restriction, road surface maintenance and snow removal. Sodium chloride is prohibited. Calcium chloride should be used to defrost the shared drive. Between the City of Boxford and the landowners, the owners have a 100% responsibility, collectively and repeatedly, for the maintenance and repair of the shared road. Stone polers should be used to mark and maintain the shared drive; E. No owner may use shared driveway to improperly obstruct, prevent or interrupt the use of the Shared Driveway by others authorized to do so; and 2.) Grantor votes and commits himself, his heirs/successors and transferred and at their request on the following alliances, which are hereby imposed in favour of the City of Boxford and which are managed and enforced by its Zoning Council of Agreements, considering the issuance by the City of a special authorization under the Boxford Zoning-By-Law, art. V, p. 196-13 (B) (11) (11) (l) and, later amended, the City of Boxford code, and in exchange for additional consideration, receipt and sufficiency: a).

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