Agreement On The Prohibition Of Attack Against Nuclear Installations

The list was handed over to an official of the Indian High Commission, in accordance with Article II of the agreement signed on 31 December 1988 concerning the prohibition of attacks on nuclear facilities between Pakistan and India, as stated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement. The exchanges take place annually on 1 January as part of the agreement on the prohibition of attacks on nuclear facilities, also known as the non-nuclear aggression agreement. Last week, on New Year`s Day, Wednesday, India and Pakistan successfully concluded the 29th consecutive annual exchange of lists of sensitive nuclear facilities as part of a non-aggression agreement between them. Under the Convention on the Prohibition of Attack on Nuclear Facilities, lists are considered by each country to be outside the borders for attacks in conflict. Topics covered: India and its neighbourly relations. bilateral, regional and global groupings in which India participates and/or which undermine India`s interests. For Prelims and Hands: the agreement, its importance and the necessity. Background: India and Pakistan have both exchanged lists of nuclear facilities. The exchanges were in line with the agreement on the prohibition of attacks on nuclear facilities between Pakistan and India. Pakistan shared a list of its nuclear facilities with India on Wednesday as part of a bilateral agreement. Factories or facilities containing dangerous forces, namely dams, and nuclear power plants, should not be attacked, even if these objects are military targets, if such an attack can result in the release of dangerous forces and therefore heavy losses among the civilian population, the agreement continues. The bilateral agreement – the first of its kind between the two South Asian neighbours – was signed on 31 December 1988, before one of them broke down as a nuclear power.

It came into force on January 1, 1991. India and Pakistan became nuclear powers in May 1998, when India conducted five armed nuclear tests and Pakistan six.

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