Udc Transfer Agreements

Disclosure: At the time of application, please list all the institutions in which you participated. Otherwise, some transfer credits may be refused. Inaccuracies and omissions can lead to a refusal of admission or dismissal from the university. UdC Transfer Credit Report: 2-3 weeks after receiving official copies sent to admissions, the clerk`s office will contact the student to confirm receipt of the minutes and a brief explanation of the credits eligible for transmission. Only after a student confirmed the acceptance of the UDC; A transfer credit assessment will be sent to students and transfer counsellors within 5-7 working days after the student confirms that the student is enrolled. Maximum credits: UDC does not set limits on the number of license credits transferred. However, residency requirements apply when they graduate from the UDC. The UDC allows students to earn an election credit through the exam. However, academic departments must approve credits that apply directly to diploma requirements. Submit the credits granted by screening at the first admission for the transfer credit review. Credits granted after registration by examination must be approved by the academic department of the student`s main subject.

These transfer credits are included in the authorized amounts – not in addition to the amounts allowed, while they meet residency requirements. Specific credits under the UDC program are excluded from the wholesale transfer of the 90 or 45 credits authorized, depending on the purpose of obtaining a degree. Grade standards: In order to qualify for a transfer credit, students must have passed the course or courses with a C or higher grade (2.0 on an average scale of 4.0 degrees). Credits that have failed/failed cannot be transferred. Transfer to Bachelor`s Degree Programs NOVA`s Transfer Website provides information on transfer planning, transfer guides and more. I would also avoid it as a community university. There is no transfer agreement with other colleges. As others have said, switching to MD or NoVA is a good idea because their community colleges have amazing transfer contracts. In 2011, she joined George Mason University to earn a bachelor`s degree in nursing.

I met some great people at the UDC, but they are few and far in between. After this last semester, I decided I had had enough and transferred what I could to a much better place. I hope it convinces your friend to stay away. If you want to know more about my experience, PM me. The table below shows significant differences from the types of bachelor transfer credits that the UDC accepts. For more information, see the UDC`s official transfer credit guidelines. It would be better to go to a CC for two years and then change.

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