Transition Period Agreement

The EU and the UK reach a provisional agreement on citizens` rights and the financial regime of Brexit. The UK will leave the internal market and customs union on 31 December 2020 at 23:00 GMT. This would be the case both within the framework of the British government`s stated objective of a free trade agreement with the EU, in the absence of an agreement. UK nationals and EU citizens, family members of the United Kingdom or EU citizens and family members who are not from these two countries retain the right to stay in the host Member State (Article 13). The host Member State must not restrict or prevent persons from obtaining, retaining or losing the right of residence (Article 13). Persons with valid documents [necessary clarification] will not need an entry and exit visa or identical formalities and would not be allowed to enter or enter the host state without complications (Article 14). In the event that the host state “requires an entry visa for family members who join EU citizens or UK nationals after the end of the transitional period,” the host state is required to issue the visas required free of charge through an expedited procedure in appropriate institutions (Article 14). The agreement also covers the issuance of indeterminate residence permits during and after the transition period, as well as their restrictions. In addition, the rights of salaried and self-employed workers will be clarified and recognition and identification of professional qualifications will be made possible. The political declaration is 30 pages long and outlines a longer-term agreement between the UK and the EU. Negotiations are ongoing and the UK wants to reach an agreement by 15 October 2020. During the transition period, the UK and the EU continue to negotiate their new relationships. This includes how EU companies can do business with the UK after the transition period.

They will also negotiate security cooperation. This means – until the transition ends – most things will remain the same. The post-Brexit transition period is due to end on 31 December 2020. The UK and the EU are still negotiating for an agreement on a treaty (or a number of treaties) that could enter into force at the end of the transition period. This temporary period was agreed as part of the withdrawal agreement and is expected to continue until 31 December 2020. Until then, it will be normal for citizens, consumers, businesses, investors, students and researchers, for example in the EU and the UK.

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