Disagreement Point Game Theory

is considered non-empty and limited. This assumption implies that there is a feasible allocation at least as good as a disagreement for both players, but unsased earnings on the point of disagreement are not possible. Both of these requirements are reasonable. The interaction really exists in all live relationships. This is the wage of “trade with” the system of others. Interaction is a type of action that occurs when two or more objects act on each other. The idea of a two-way effect is essential in the concept of interaction, as opposed to a unilateral causal effect. A closely related term is interconnectivity that deals with interactions within systems: a combination of many simple interactions can lead to surprising phenomena. Interaction takes on different meanings in different sciences. Change can also include interaction As every thought, every behavior, in any place, responds to real human needs and therefore to real behaviors, I will study this reaction, with prism “strategies”, especially individual strategies. In such a system, a conflict is the only conclusion.

Suppose a certain human reaction must have a social approach that it is obliged to make. Since 2002, an alternative approach to pricing strategy has been adopted: any reactive and immediate thought-profit strategy (DECISION) could be understood through the purpose of game theory – in particular negotiation theory and Nash`s win-win solution. [This allows us to conceive of the human response as a game, especially as part of the overall holistic balance of games, in line with Nash`s hypothesis and pareto efficiency constraints]. This is the “win-win-Win Papakonstantinidis” model the non-cooperative theory of John Nash`s games with his famous N.E. offers an answer, but that`s not enough for a global meta-capitalist society. Capitalist society has adopted the bipolar system of thought (black-white, 0-1, religious filioque, etc.). In such a system, conflict is the only conclusive answer. In a post-capitalist system or within capitalism, a third possibility, based on reaction, can facilitate human relations.

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