“Filmmaking is the chance to live many lifetimes.” – Robert Altman


Welcome. I’m a writer, director and editor based in the fair city of Bristol. My short films include ‘Best Man’, which was selected by the Encounters Film Festival 2010, and ‘Conversations With Strangers’, selected by the London Short Film Festival 2015.

In addition to drama I’m a huge fan of all things musical, having directed and edited promos for the likes of epic electronica/prog band Jilk, orchestral-indie extraordinaires Sea Stacks, folktronic trio Haiku Salut and electronica enchantress Kayla Painter. I was also one of fourteen creatives to be selected for Creative England’s Emerging Talent Module 2015.

I’m currently diving into another Sea Stacks collaboration, alongside developing a new short film (watch this space). When I’m not buried in my laptop I can be found jogging by the river, working for Skylark Media or trying my best to learn Portuguese.